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Latvian "Līgo" festival 2019

If you’re still planning what to do in Riga during your vacation, here’s something you should not miss out on. It’s the greatest holiday of the year in Latvia, the Midsummer festival “Ligo” taking place on 23 – 24 of June.
Ligo has originated from an ancient fertility festival, celebrated by pagan farmers in the period after sowing the crops and before gathering harvest, the ways of celebrating this festival have changed during times, however the main traditions remain mostly unchanged.

These traditions mainly revolve around cheerful singing of “Ligo” songs – characteristic to this festival, lots of dancing, making oak-leaf and flower crowns, staying up until the sunrise, enjoying many different foods and without a doubt, all sorts of speciality Latvian beer is almost a staple drink during this festival.

If not sure about what to do in Riga then here are few main events you should visit to gain a better insight about this unique festival holiday.

A good place to start would be at the annual Ligo Midsummer Fair which is held at Riga Dome Square on 21 of June. On this fair you will have the opportunity to properly prepare for Ligo celebration. Here you can try homemade cheese from different Latvian regions, smoked fish and meat from local producers, and there will be lots of beer and singing too. Read more about this festive fair here.

Another event, that has gained quite a recognition among residents of Riga and tourists, is the “Līgosim Krastmalā!” event on the riverside at the 11. Novembra krastmala on 23 of June, offering its visitors to enjoy a concert program of folk singers, Latvian actors, dancers, various artists, bands and DJs. And of course, there will be bonfires and lots of special food to enjoy, entertainment until the break of dawn.

If you are still not sure about what to do in Riga, and something more traditional is what you’re looking for, then an all-night celebration in Dzegužkalns park would be the best choice.
There will be an opportunity to make your own oak-leaf or flower crown and participate in the bonfire lighting ritual. You can find out more about the traditions, where and how to celebrate together with locals here.

Once you have decided on what to do in Riga, another important success factor of your vacation is where to stay in Riga. Riga LUX Apartments offer fully serviced apartments conveniently located in the Riga city center.
By choosing the right location for your stay, you won’t have to worry about what to do in Riga, the best sightseeing, festivals and places to visit will be within a walking distance from your front door.




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