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Seasonal flavors in Latvian cuisine

Latvian cuisine represents a wealth of culinary traditions, as for a country at the crossroads of Europe, Latvian cuisine is very diverse and often has been influenced by other nations from the East and the West throughout the course of centuries of migration and trade with other nations of the World. 

With four distinct seasons, it’s seasonality that dictates what’s served on the plate.But no matter the season, Latvian food is all about comforting and soul-soothing.

Summer is definitely the right season to start exploring Latvian traditional cuisine.
At this time of the year Latvian nature offers variety of fresh and seasonal ingredients, starting from various wild berries, strawberries, green onions, hand-picked forest mushrooms, new potatoes, dill, and all kinds of other locally farmed fruits, vegetables and of course fresh fish from the Baltic Sea.

Even though local restaurants and cafes might offer variety of most popular Latvian traditional dish all year round.


Dishes from Latvian cuisine characteristic to summer season


Even though local restaurants and cafes might offer variety of most popular Latvian traditional dish all year round. There are plenty of flavors distinctively characteristic to summer.

Cold soup – made from kefir or curdled milk with boiled beets, chopped radishes, fresh cucumbers, boiled eggs and various greens.



New potatoes with mushroom sauce – Various types of boletus or chanterelles are the tastiest for mushroom sauce that also involves onions, garlic and sweet or sour cream.


And of course, after a savory meal, a dessert shall follow.

Probably the most commonly talked about dessert in Latvian cuisine is the
Layered rye bread dessert – made of rye breadcrumbs, black currant or lingonberry jam and whipped cream.



If such dessert is not for your taste, then you should definitely try the Honey cake – aromatic layers of honey biscuits are filled with creamed sour cream and then decorated with crunchy toppings or nuts.
These are just few of the many unique meals that you can enjoy probably only in Latvia. 




Latvian cuisine in Riga


If you’re looking forward to discover flavors of traditional Latvian cuisine then here is a list of our Top 5 restaurants, within a walking distance from Riga LUX Apartments, where you can experience the flavors of Latvian cuisine, including beer, delicacies and some good live music.

#1 Kolonāde – Distinctively Latvian products, with preference for all ingredients most fresh and seasonally appropriate.

#2 Bibliotēka No 1 – Restaurant`s menu features contemporary flavours of Latvian cuisine, traditional European cuisine and hints of global gastronomy.

#3 Folkklubs ALA Pagrabs (Folk club ALA cellar) – seasonal monthly menus based entirely on local produce. Traditional and contemporary Latvian cuisine, together with Latvian folk music. A range of more than 20 Latvian draught beers and even home-distilled moonshine.

#4 Key to RigaExcellent masters of cookery have joined together to set alight the majestic tradition of hospitality and cookery of Riga. Cooks who know their way about a broth!

#5 Salve restaurant – Offers a taste of traditional Latvian cuisine in an elegant city manner.


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