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What to see in Riga this autumn

Beginning of October opens a special chapter of the autumn season in Latvia. Also known as the Golden Autumn in Latvia – very romantic and even, in a way, nostalgic time of the year when the leaves are turning golden brown and the days are getting shorter. The weather may seem to become colder very fast, but once again we have gathered some of the top suggestions for what to do in Riga to make sure that in this cold weather you get to see everything positive about this change in seasons. Just keep reading and get inspired with ideas for what to do in Riga this golden autumn.

Feel the rhythm of the city and take a breath of crisp fresh air

If the weather treats you well then, a nice leisurely walk through the narrow streets of Riga Old Town and surrounding city parks will definitely be a treat for your eyes and soul. The unique architecture complemented by the beauty of this golden colored season will most certainly make you forget the weather and the views might at times even leave you speechless.

If you just relax and take an easy stroll through the streets of Old Town you don’t even need to make any plans for what to do in Riga simply embrace the journey and where it might take you.


See it all at once while enjoying a Riga Canal Cruise

Just sit back and don’t worry too much about what to do in Riga while enjoying a peaceful Riga Canal cruise. By taking a canal cruise you get to see everything. The beautiful Bastejkalns park with all its variety of trees with slowly falling golden brown leaves. Some of the most famous architectural sights in Riga and perhaps while enjoying your canal cruise you’ll get some more inspiration for what to do in Riga. The cruise usually lasts for about one hour and gives you the opportunity to see the scenery along the Daugava River and crossing through the city. (LINK)


Take a different perspective

Probably one of the most spectacular views of the city can be enjoyed from up above. If you would like to visit one of the most iconic churches in Riga and also enjoy a great view then visiting the Saint Peter’s Church should be added to your list for what to do in Riga.

In Saint Peter’s Church there are regular arts exhibitions, tours around the church itself and most importantly the famous church tower from which you can enjoy beautiful 360 degree view over Riga. (LINK)


Treat yourself with something warm

After a long and chilly day exploring all the possibilities for what to do in Riga you probably would like to warm up and treat yourself with some hot beverage and perhaps a good seasonal meal in one of so many Riga’s restaurants and cafes. You can find out more about restaurants and cafes in Riga (LINK)


Experience the beauty of the golden autumn outside Riga

If the options for what to do in Riga do not quite fit your taste for catching autumn feelings, then just a one-hour drive away from the capital city you will find the beautiful city of Sigulda.

Every year this city attracts great crowds of locals and travelers from around the world, because Sigulda is the city that probably most Latvians would think of when someone mentions golden autumn, and there is a strong reason for that. Sigulda is a place with unusual landscape, vast forests with various types of trees providing breathtaking views during the golden autumn. It is definitely worth the one-hour drive to visit Sigulda.
You can read more about Sigulda (here)


If you’re still looking for some more inspiration on what to do in Riga, you might want to check out one of our previous blog posts about what to see in Riga and what to do in Riga (here)


Once you have decided on what to do in Riga, you should also decide where to stay in Riga.

Riga LUX Apartments offer beautifully decorated, fully serviced & conveniently located apartments in Riga city center.

Whether you have everything planned or you don’t know what to do in Riga yet, be assured that this beautiful city has something to offer for every taste and preference.


The best way to discover the city!

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