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Travel Latvia this Autumn

Latvia is unique in the way how people here have managed to combine arts with nature and historic heritage with modern way of living.

All the way from sandy beaches, through vibrant capital city to well preserved forests. There is plenty to see no matter how you decide to travel Latvia.

Beautiful architecture all around and green parks which soon will turn golden, create a spectacular view every year. There is no doubt that autumn in Latvia is truly magical.

In more particular Riga and its surroundings are especially charming throughout the season and will definitely make you feel a little extra romantic.

This week we have gathered some interesting facts about Latvia and what is making this country so unique. Check for yourself and pack your bags to travel Latvia.


The power of nature

Latvia is probably the second greenest country in the European Union. Almost half of the territory is covered with forests. There are many nature parks and vast areas of government protected land which serves as natural habitat to many rare animal species. This on it’s own is enough for a reason to travel Latvia.


Everyone likes Riga

What to do in Riga

Nearly one third of Latvia’s population live here.

The capital city Riga is the most populated and probably the most developed capital in the Baltics. This city has experienced a lot over the centuries and it most certainly reflects very well in the architecture and gives this city an unparalleled charm.

The historic centre of Riga is also acknowledged as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Art Nouveau


Probably one of the top reasons why people, who travel Latvia, are visiting Riga is the extensive collection of Art Nouveau architecture buildings. They make up roughly one third of the buildings in Riga city centre. Just take a walk around the city centre and you won’t miss it.


Stay connected

On top of it all, Latvia is quite famous for having one of the world’s fastest internet connections. So whatever you decide to do while you travel Latvia, you can be assured that you will always be able to share it with your friends.

If you need some more ideas about what to see in Riga, then you should read our previous blog article where we wrote about things to do in Riga. Get some inspiration to travel Latvia.


If you are planning to visit Riga, then it’s important to choose the right place for your stay.

At Riga LUX Apartments we offer beautifully decorated apartments located in the city centre. While staying at such convenient location you have more time and freedom to effortlessly travel Latvia.


The best way to discover the city!

Want to make the most out of your stay in Latvia? Book our Bike Rental Riga and explore the city on a bike in a fun and relaxed way. The center is part of the UNESCO...

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