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We care for your acommodation safety!

RIGA LUX APARTMENTS – fully-serviced accommodation apartments for corporate and individual residence preferences of safe and quality environment, supporting short-term as well long-term BUSINESS and family TRAVEL and LIVING needs. “HOME IS WHERE YOU ARE” – the motto inspiring our dedicated team of professionals.


We truly care for your safety and comfort during situation caused by Covid-19 on global scale and following international and state recommendations we invest in safety rules and precautions.

Please be informed about key points of our RIGA LUX APARTMENTS hygiene guidelines and welcome to contact us via e-mail: or phone: +371 29209888 in case of any further inquiry you may have.

  1. Prior each new customer arrives we assure disinfecting most active areas and accessories of the premises, with special care on light switches, consoles, handles, etc. Service crew also uses proper tools and apparel while providing the cleaning.
  2. We thoroughly ventilate the premises and care for comfort and safety in different kind of circumstances. As soon as there is a customer departing after self-isolation, the following 72 hours particular apartment is not being occupied. 
  3. While customer enjoys our apart-hotel services during self-insulation, also the laundry collection and related services are being assured with proper caution and separation conditions.
  4. In each apartment you will find a hand sanitizer provided for your convenience.
  5. As per your request it is possible to receive contactless self-check-in and  check-out procedure as also the payment is available without physical interaction.
  6. You are welcome to approach our personnel to use the possibility measure the body temperature as per request.
  7. Employees are carefully trained and informed about the procedures and have particular safety measures in order to monitor their health conditions prior daily duties.
  8. The distance protocol is followed, “no-handshake” in place until situation changes. Meanwhile we are glad to serve you with the warm welcoming smile and best-in-class full-service approach.

Welcome to feel like @home!


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